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Hidden Common Ground is a continuing examination of issues that divide America along with potential solutions. Launched in 2019 by USA TODAY, Hidden Common Ground features a unique partnership with the National Issues Forums Institute, which hosted a series of moderated, online forums on political polarization, health care reform, climate change and voting reform using the Common Ground for Action online deliberation platform.

This initiative is part of Gannett’s commitment to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the 2020 election and beyond, fueled by the company’s footprint in more than 260 communities across the U.S. Gannett’s effort includes industry-leading innovation in augmented reality, audio and video storytelling, interactive experiences and in-person events.

David Mathews, president of the Kettering Foundation, authored an opinion piece titled “How Americans an learn once again to solve our nation’s problems together,” reflecting on how American’s can learn to solve problems together using in-person and Every Voice Engaged Foundation’s online deliberative software.

 “Compelled by what we saw in happen in Waynesboro City Council meetings this January where over 400 people, mostly on the same side of the issue, demanded the city become a Second Amendment sanctuary without debate, we wanted to know if there was a better way to have a conversation on guns, rights, and security…

Not every online forum is deliberative, and often more online discussions are frustrating than productive. Instead, we use a online deliberation platform developed by the Every Voice Engaged Foundation that encourages citizens to weigh and make choices together. In these forums, participants can visually identify where the group has consensus to act, where there’s still some questions or concerns that need further deliberation, or where there’s agreement to not act… Read more from The Harrisonburg Citizen‘s coverage of the online deliberative forum series.