Who’s Using It?

Nearly one thousand deliberative forums have been held in the decade that Every Voice Engaged Foundation’s Common Ground for Action has been in use. The sheer number of forums held indicates the positive reception by community groups, libraries, legislator’s offices, and K-12 and university campuses.

Below are some examples of groups and organizations using the software to engage their communities in democratic deliberation, everyday.

k-12 and university

See how faculty, staff, and administrators use EVEF software in their classes, campuses, and communities

government and policymaking

See how local, state, and federal policymakers use EVEF software to connect to constituents


See how local communities and groups of people use EVEF software to connect each other in deliberative decision-making


See how newspapers, news blogs, and other media have partnered with national and community groups to use EVEF software to connect readers to each other in deliberative decision-making

organizations and nonprofits

See how issue groups and nonprofits use EVEF software to convene deliberative discussions with stakeholders and communities on wicked issues