Updates to Every Voice Engaged – Oct. 2021 (version 1.9.5)  

 October brought new updates to the Every Voice Engaged platform. These changes include capabilities for reading digital issue guides, design streamlining, and enhanced security features.

Digital Issue Guide (beta)

As part of our efforts to develop ways participants can experience deliberation outside of a forum, we’ve an interactive new format for issue guides online. Participants can now read the issue guide online and will soon be able to evaluate actions and tradeoffs individually, just as they would if they were in an actual forum.  This feature is c

Streamlined design (beta)

As part of our efforts to increase support for EVE and enhance the moderator/convenor experience, we’ve cleaned up formatting and design on the Plans and Pricing page. This will allow us to add libraries of issue guides for purchase.

JQuery Update

As part of other tasks agreed to by both parties, including recommended security updates, we upgraded to jQuery 3.6.0, which will make EVE’s library of images, text and other files more secure.

The following changes are included in version 1.9.4 of EVE:  

Issue #  





Deliberation outside of a forum 


Ability for participants to read digital issue guides 


Enhance moderator/convener experience


Streamline formatting of Plans and Pricing page

Other features and enhancements as agreed upon by both parties 


Upgrade to JQuery 3.6.0.