Updates to Every Voice Engaged – Dec. 2021 (version 1.9.7)  

 December brought new updates to the Every Voice Engaged platform. These changes include further development of digital issue guides, security upgrades, and backend architectural improvements to allow EVE to optimize for mobile access and several other enhancements.

Interactive Digital Issue Guide (alpha)

 As part of our efforts to develop ways participants can experience deliberation outside of a forum, we’ve developed an interactive new format for issue guides online. Now, in addition to simply reading the guide, users can: guess their initial position between the three options, evaluate their personal top five actions and drawbacks from the guide, and then see where those choices place them, and then choose if they want to explore the issue guide further or register for a forum on the issue. These features add a whole new level of interactivity and engagement to issue guides, and will also permit moderators who want to to ask their participants to complete their evaluations in advance, as the information can be saved and routed into a forum, leaving more time in the event for group deliberation. 

Invitation via email (beta)

As part of our efforts to enhance the moderator/convenor experience, we’ve developed a backend microservice for sending invitation emails to participants. This backend is connected to the front end via an “event stream,” which is now in final testing. When testing is complete (next month), the feature will be deployed via the pipeline microservice described below and become available for moderators to use.

Architectural Improvements:

Our team has completely re-architected the the platform’s backend to work via microservices so that it can support a number of feature requests from users, including mobile optimization, audio/video capability, changing galas to function more like breakout rooms, etc..  The first microservice, our “development pipeline,” is now tested and deployed, which will greatly simplify deployment of all future developments.


Security Update

As part of other tasks agreed to by both parties, including recommended security updates, we upgraded to PostGres 12.4.

The following changes are included in version 1.9.7 of EVE:  

Issue #  





Deliberation outside of a forum 


Users can now evaluate their top five actions and drawbacks  and see their judgment outside a forum.


Enhance moderator/convener experience


Testing an “event stream” connection between front and back end to allow moderators tosend emails to invite participants to a forum with all necessary forum information automatically included. 


Other features and enhancements as agreed upon by both parties 


Development pipeline deployed.


Other features and enhancements as agreed upon by both parties 


Upgrade to PostGres 12.4